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Gerardo Scaglione with his Thomas and George Martin Solo Bass

Gary Karr, George Martin and Mary Martin at the Double Bass ISB Conference

See tango bassist Gerardo Scaglione with his Thomas and George Martin Solo bass in this magazine article. Quatrotango, a group on the trail of Astor Piazzolla, the quartet was formed nine years ago in Buenos Aires.

Astor Piazzolla said that "music is the most direct art, enters the ear and goes to the heart" and then explain that the proposal "is a chamber music, popular, tango derived, in short, there are many turns that can be given, but I am content with what I do feel like it. " With its direct music, Piazzolla tango has brought many musicians in the world, as in the case of Quatrotango, Argentine group is touring in Mexico. The bandoneon Omar Massa, Marcelo Rebuffi violinist, bassist and pianist Gerardo Scaglione Clenar Gabriel, classically trained musicians, the quartet founded nine years ago "with the idea of ​​making a lot of tango and synthesize what interests us as musicians" Clenar said in an interview.

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