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Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Australia

2012 Brisbane Festival Concert: Bottesini's World – Tuesday 25 September, 2012 featuring soloist Thomas Martin

It's a rare musician who makes instruments and plays them, but Thomas Martin does. He's also a renowned exponent of the music of Bottesini, 19th century composer and virtuoso who was know as the Paganini of the double bass.

Tom played at the 2012 Brisbane Festival Concert: Bottesini's World – Tuesday 25 September. Tom was well received down under with one of the comments, 'Thomas Martin's performance of Bottesini's variations was a breathtaking revelation. Like many non-musicians, I'd always assumed the double bass was for support - the muscle in the background of so many pieces. Martin's resurrection of Bottesini's work was like meeting an elephant (with all our preconceptions of how it will behave) and then seeing it get up on its toes to dance Swan Lake, brilliantly. Pure magic!'

Listen to the audio of Tom playing Bottesini.