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Industry Leading Workshop Services

Experienced Craftsmen

Experienced Craftsmen

We have an outstanding team of highly skilled individuals who each play an important part in producing and restoring some of the finest instruments in the world.

Examples of our work

Range of Services

Range of Services

We build, repair and restore instruments as well as performing minor adjustment and set up work for players just starting out to the worlds best professionals.

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Friendly Service

Friendly Service

Whether you are starting out or a proffesional, we are happy to help. You are garantueed a friendly and helpful experience here at T& G Martin.

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More About Our Workshop Services

  • New Basses

    We have been making double basses now for more than 35 years and have made a large number of instruments, during this time we have built up a number of different models of double bass. These models have evolved and improved over the years and we plan to add new ones in the future. All of our Martin basses are totally hand made by us here in our workshop, each instrument is treated as an individual from the moment we pick out the wood and we intend to keep it this way. We have an extensive wood collection amounting to over 300 sets of the finest bass wood imaginable! For the back and sides you can choose from, Bosnian Maple, English Sycamore, Canadian big leaf Maple, Italian Poplar, English Poplar, Cherry, Italian Walnut and Willow. For the front you can choose from Engelmann Spruce, German Silver Fir, Carpathian Spruce or Bear claw Sitka spruce. All of our wood is air dried naturally here in our specially designed wood drying sheds.

    Which ever of our models you choose, there are two things that stay the same, our classic English sound with full deep rich tones and the playability of the instrument. We are happy to make all of our models 4 or 5 string as per your request.

    We can of course do anything you like and would be happy to discuss the finest detail with the customer, please contact us for pricing and further information.

  • Instrument Repairs

    It is a well known fact of life that like all living things instruments sometimes get damaged either through old age or an unfortunate accident. Over the last few years we have done a huge amount of work taking care of peoples basses. Be it a serious smash or a small crack we are able to repair our customers basses quickly and often providing them with a replacement instrument should they need.

    We regularly deal with large insurance companies and can provide you with a written quotation for insurance repairs. We are then happy to deal with the insurance company directly on your behalf should you wish. As we have now carried out such a large number of repairs, we have built up huge experience in this area.

    Please contact us for a free no obligation look and chat.

  • Restorations

    Due to increasing demand we have really stepped up our high class restoration work. If its a minor repair or a full restoration you need, then look no further than Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers.

    Our workshop is fully equipped to deal with all aspects of a restoration, from working on rib structures, state of the art Scroll Grafts, bass bar replacements, half edging, crack repairing to complete modernization and preservation of the highest class of instrument. No job is too big or small please just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    As we are such experienced makers of new instruments, whenever we carry out a repair or restoration we do so from the players perspective always ensuring that the most important aspect is the sound and playability of the instrument and not just the structural integrity.

  • Certificates & Valuations

    Thomas Martin has through out the years seen most of the finest basses the world over and is now considered one of a few authorities of identifying and appraising double basses.

    Our certificates are respected by major insurance companies, auction houses and dealers. We are often asked to look at peoples instruments to determine where they may be from, how old they may be, who may have made them and any ideas as regards history and provenance.

    We are also happy to provide valuations for insurance purposes, our valuations are welcomed by all Insurance companies. Please feel free to contact us to discuss you needs in this area.

    Please be aware that we are not able to provide either of these services with out seeing the instrument in the flesh and for Certificates, we will need a full set of photographs to our specifications, this is something we can organize locally with our photographers at an additional charge.