High Profile Placements

The connection between a musician and their instrument is a special one. We are privileged to have partnered the world’s best players with their double basses and bows.

Connecting Fine Double Basses And
Bows With The World's Greatest Artists

Tony Alcock

"When looking for a world class instrument, as a principal double bass, my first port of call was Thomas and George Martin. They always have an amazing collection of instruments, offered in excellent condition and with an unbeatable set up. It's the combination of unrivalled knowledge, great ear for sound and feel for what each Double Bass needs to work at its best. The John F Lott I bought from them is truly the king of double basses" - Tony Alcock, CBSO Principal

Luis Cabrera

“I am very grateful to have found an extraordinary double bass by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, in collaboration with the Dutch Music Instruments Foundation through the partnership of George Martin and René Zaal whose expertise and dedication was crucial. They showed us many great instruments and ended up finding this unique bass for us. Currently I play on this fantastic Landolfi bass kindly on Loan by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation” - Luis Cabrera Martín, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra Principal

Scott Pingel

"By way of their many contacts throughout the world, Tom and George have been able to connect me with a number of fine instruments and bows over the years, including an absolutely magnificent instrument by Domenico Busan and an exquisite Sartory bow. These two works of art are among the greatest I have ever seen or played, and it is a blessing to get to make music with them everyday. Bravo and thank you!" - Scott Pingel, San Francisco Symphony Principal