• Fuber Double Bass full front image
  • Fuber Double Bass full front image
  • Fuber Double Bass back
  • Fuber Double Bass left side
  • Fuber Double Bass right side
  • Fuber Double Bass left scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass right scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass front scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass rear scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass f-hole left
  • Fuber Double Bass f-hole right

Ex Simandl Double Bass

We are pleased to offer this unique solo instrument, former property of the legendary Franz Simandl. It is not a large instrument but has a beautiful sound. This bass features a rosette inlaid under the fingerboard in the Brescian style. The neck and scroll are Viennese from the late nineteenth century and the back and sides are earlier work made from attractively figured wood. The instrument is mentioned in several books and methods, including that of Madenski, who praises its sound. It was sold to Simandl's student, Josef Kraft, who had it until the 1950s.

String Length:
Length of Back:
Rib Depth:
Upper Bout:
Centre Bout:


Lower Bout:

If you are interested in viewing this double bass or would like to find out more details please feel free to get in touch.