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Connecting Fine Double Basses And
Bows With The World's Greatest Artists

Scott Pingel

"By way of their many contacts throughout the world, Tom and George have been able to connect me with a number of fine instruments and bows over the years, including an absolutely magnificent instrument by Domenico Busan and an exquisite Sartory bow. These two works of art are among the greatest I have ever seen or played, and it is a blessing to get to make music with them every day. Bravo and thank you!" - Scott Pingel, San Francisco Symphony Principal

Timothy Cobb

“The Martin bass shop has helped me many times in my career by matching exceptional fine old basses to my needs. Tom and George's unparalleled expertise and long history in the trade is without peer, and when Tom says he knows of an exceptional bass one can be certain to be pleased. Additionally, I have sent several instruments to the Martin's fabulous workshop and have been thrilled with the results of their work. I feel completely comfortable recommending their work to students and professionals alike." - Timothy Cobb, New York Philharmonic Principal

Luis Martín Cabrera

“I am very grateful to have found an extraordinary double bass by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, in collaboration with the Dutch Music Instruments Foundation through the partnership of George Martin and René Zaal whose expertise and dedication was crucial. They showed us many great instruments and ended up finding this unique bass for us. Currently, I play on this fantastic Landolfi bass kindly on Loan by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation” - Luis Martín Cabrera, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra Principal

Waldemar Schwiertz

"Looking for the right instrument is not an easy task. After some time searching, I found a beautiful Ferdinand Gagliano double bass being offered through Thomas and George Martin. They had recently restored it in their workshop and it was beautifully presented and well set up. I immediately fell in love with this instrument, it was what I had always been looking for. Every day it is a joy to be challenged by this great instrument." - Waldemar Schwiertz, Gewandhaus Orchestra principal

Hans Adler

"For many years the double bass section of Göteborgs Symfoniker and I have had a close relationship with Tom and George Martin and they've helped us source a number of very fine instruments. When we have visited their shop we've always enjoyed seeing and trying the well presented instruments they have on offer. So, whenever you’re looking for a great instrument - or selling one, this is the place to start. I happily recommend Tom and George's services!" - Hans Adler, Göteborgs Symfoniker Principall

Meherban Gillett

"After years with your shop as our second home, our bass section is now blessed with an enviably beautiful collection of fine double basses. Right from the beginning of our quest, your guidance and expertise has helped shape our vision, one that has now come to fruition. This co-operation has meant that we had time and flexibility to arrange a good home for the prestigious instruments you helped us to find. We are grateful for the excellent knowledgable service we have enjoyed during the process." - Meherban Gillett, Royal Danish Opera Principal

Colin Paris

"We at the London Symphony Orchestra are now the proud owners of the most beautiful example of John Frederick Lott I and are extremely grateful to Tom and George for helping us source this magnificent instrument for our section. Their knowledge, expertise, set up and restoration of instruments is second to none, and they are the foremost international experts on double basses. On a personal note, Tom also helped me find one of the finest examples of Thomas Kennedy, which I have had the pleasure of playing on in the LSO for the past thirty years." - Colin Paris, London Symphony Orchestra Co-Principal

Valur Palsson

"It was always obvious to me when looking for a first-class instrument. that I would seek the advice and help of Tom and George Martin first and foremost. Their superior knowledge, know-how and excellent connections, combined with a very personal and friendly service is hard to beat. The Giovanni Battista Grancino double bass from 1687 is an absolute dream to play in every way. A true gem!" - Valur Palsson, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Principal

Tony Alcock

"When looking for a world-class instrument, as principal double bass, my first port of call was Thomas and George Martin. They always have an amazing collection of instruments, offered in excellent condition and with an unbeatable setup. It's the combination of unrivalled knowledge, great ear for sound and feel for what each Double Bass needs to work at its best. The John F Lott I bought from them is truly the king of double basses." - Tony Alcock, CBSO Principal