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Fuber Double Bass full front image
Fuber Double Bass full front image
Fuber Double Bass back
Fuber Double Bass left side
Fuber Double Bass right side

Martin Kennedy Double Bass

Thomas Kennedy is one of the best-known makers from the London school of English double bass making. His double bass model was inspired by Dragonetti’s famous Gasparo da Salò with the soundholes and outline being almost identical. As a special request we were asked to make a copy of this wonderful model and it has since become a favourite with English double bass aficionados.

String Length:
Length of Back:
Rib Depth:
Upper Bout:
Centre Bout:


Lower Bout:

The Martin Kennedy double bass is available in both four- and five-string versions. A specific string length and other special requests can easily be accommodated. If you want any further information or would like to place an order, please do get in touch.