Martin Double Basses

Thomas and George Martin double basses capture the classic English double bass’s combination of power, response and sound quality.

New English-made Double Basses

We have a large stock of the finest tonewood specially selected for the double bass. When making an instrument we choose a combination of wood to achieve both aesthetic beauty and sound quality. We aim to provide exemplary service to each client from initial enquiry through to the completion of the instrument. Every detail and requirement is taken into consideration and we offer regular photographic updates during the making process.

Martin 4/4 Double Bass

The inspiration for this model comes from the great masters of English double bass making Vincenzo Trusiano Panormo and Thomas Kennedy.

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Martin 3/4 Double Bass

This instrument is based on our Martin 4/4 model, though the whole outline has been reduced from the original resulting in a 2.5cm shorter string length.

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Martin Solo Double Bass

This instrument is based on our Martin ¾ model, with the bottom half of the double bass being identical.

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Martin Ruggieri Double Bass

This instrument is based on the incredible Cremonese double bass made by Vincenzo Ruggeri around 1695.

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Martin Ruggieri Viol Double Bass

This model was first made as a special request by a client wanting a Ruggeri copy but with viol corners. It has since become a firm favourite.

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Martin Bergonzi Double Bass

This instrument is fashioned after the Cremonese double bass by Nicola Bergonzi made around 1780 that Thomas Martin used for many years.

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Martin Kennedy Double Bass

Thomas Kennedy is one of the best-known makers from the London school of English double bass making.

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Martin Concert 4/4 Double Bass

Our Concert series of double basses are popular with all kinds of players. They offer excellent playability and a huge sound.

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Martin Concert 4/4 Viol Double Bass

At a client’s request we were asked to make a viol version of the Concert 4/4, it has since become a firm favourite. 

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Martin Concert 3/4 Double Bass

Our Concert ¾ double bass is an excellent all-round instrument and is very popular with jazz and classical musicians alike.

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Martin Concerto Double Bass

The Concerto model is the smallest of the Concert series. It is an enlarged version of the double basses made by Quenoil in France.

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The English Double Bass - A unique limited-edition book exploring the fine double basses made in England