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Internationally Respected Expertise

A Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers certificate of authenticity guarantees an instrument is genuine, protects its value and provides total peace of mind when buying and selling.

Certificates Of Authenticity

Having been in contact with thousands of instruments over the years, we have an unparalleled knowledge of the world’s double basses and their makers. As luthiers ourselves, we understand and appreciate the often subtle differences and characteristics between different makers' instruments.

Experience Brings Value

With the rise in value of fine double basses, certification must be beyond scrutiny. Many of the world’s most desirable double basses carry a certificate from Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers, which speaks for the authenticity and monetary value of the instrument. In the world of violin, viola and cello, all quality instruments are supplied with accompanying certification. Only recently has it come to be expected for double basses.

Tradition Meets Technology

All our certificates include their own unique QR code. You can scan this code on your device and be taken to a secure, private page on our website, dedicated to your instrument alone. On this page there is a digital copy of the certificate, meaning any future buyers of your instrument can see that the certificate is genuine. If you wish, you can upload any additional certificates, dendrochronology reports, owner history, documentation, receipts, pictures and anything that relates to your double bass, all free of charge. Updating the page to reflect any changes is all done for you as part of the service. It is your double bass’s own private file, with all information kept safe in one place, protecting the history and preserving what is known about an instrument. 

Complimentary Valuation

A complimentary valuation is supplied with all certificates. We can arrange photography should an instrument not have an accompanying set of photographs.

Book Your Certification

If you would like us to consider your instrument for a certificate then please feel free to get in touch by telephone, over email or by using the show us your double bass or bow page. Good photographs taken from the right angles are important. Our guide shows you what you need to supply.