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Valuing Your Double Bass

The value of a double bass or bow takes into account its maker, the model, its condition and the supporting expertise proving its authenticity. These all contribute to the final estimate of an instrument’s value.


Knowing your instrument’s value is essential for insurance purposes. Most of our customers also like to keep up-to-date with the market value of their instrument for a variety of reasons.

Leading Market Knowledge

The main use for an up-to-date valuation for your double bass is to ensure that insurance cover is adequate. Valuations are also used for tax purposes or probate. We pride ourselves in knowing where to place each instrument in the market and ensuring that you are properly informed. We recommend having your double bass revalued every year or two. Clients are invited to keep in touch so that they are correctly insured and are aware of where their investment relates to the international market.

Considering a Certificate?

A complimentary valuation is supplied with all certificates of authenticity.

certificates of authenticity

A certificate from Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers is recognised globally. If you have a quality double bass or bow, confirmation of its authenticity is essential. We have built up a wealth of knowledge in the field of identifying and authenticating fine double basses over many years. Our certificate of authenticity underpins your instrument’s investment value.