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World Class Double Basses

At Thomas & George Martin, we make and deal in violin-family instruments. Specialising in double basses, we offer a selection of fine old instruments and well thought-out new ones. Feel free to browse the selection on our website, and do get in touch with any questions. 

Buy And Sell With Confidence

We pride ourselves on our reputation for helping players find the instrument for them. Thomas has years of experience as a top-level double bass player, and George has spent his whole life learning the craft of luthiery from his father. With an extensive selection of the finest old double basses, and a series of well-designed new instruments, we have something to suit every player’s needs.

Notable Sales / Archive

Explore the beautiful old instruments which have passed through our shop.

Old Double Basses For Sale

Demand for top quality double basses has never been greater. We are pleased to offer a selection of fine double basses from around the world. A high-quality instrument is considered by many to be a great investment, and the rise in prices of fine historic instruments over the years bears that out. We match our clients with an instrument with which to make music; a fine double bass will also appreciate over time. Instruments can often be available off the market, and if you seek something specific we can help.

New Double Basses For Sale

We have made many highly-regarded double basses, most often to be found in the hands of the world’s finest players. Our instruments have a reputation for their sound quality, playability and high standard of workmanship. The double basses made in our workshop are very much designed and made with the player in mind. We discuss each player’s requirements before they place an order, and we strive to ensure that the experience of buying an instrument is reassuring and enjoyable.

An Obsession For The Finest Detail

Double Bass Bows

Thomas Martin is a professional double bass player himself, and has always had an interest in fine double bass bows. We offer a selection of high quality old double bass bows by the great masters, as well as a range of popular well-made contemporary ones.

Sell Your Double Bass

We understand that selling a beloved double bass can be a hard decision. We offer an individual, transparent and sensitive service. If you wish to realise the equity in your instrument, it's best to contact us before you put it on the market so we can advise how to get the best value. We have a worldwide network of clients looking for quality double basses and we can often find a buyer for your instrument quickly.

Well Connected To The World

Our workshop is located in the heart of Oxfordshire in the picturesque village of Williamscot, yet despite this setting we are well-connected to the world. Two major airports are under an hour away, and our nearest train station offers direct services to London, Birmingham, and Manchester. We will happily help with travel arrangements, including the great selection of accommodation nearby, so feel free to make the most of our excellent trial facilities whilst you’re here.