Fine Double Bass Bows

Fine examples of double bass bows are increasingly sought after. The international market for double bass bows has never been stronger.

Lothar Seifert Double Bass Bow

This excellent Lothar Seifert double bass bow was made in Bubenreuth, Germany c.1970. It is a fine silver mounted example with a quality Pernambuco stick. The model is clearly inspired by the French maker Joseph Arthur Vigneron with a low profile frog and an elegant head. Length including button is 68.2cm and weighs 133 grams.

Morizot Fréres Double Bass Bow

We are pleased to introduce this fine bow by Morizot Fréres of Mirecourt, France. Made c.1935, the bow has an elegant and finely worked octagonal stick in fine Pernambuco. The frog is in fine ebony and is silver mounted with a Parisian eye. The condition is excellent and the bow plays very well. Length including button is 68.3cm and weighs 134 grams.

Andre Vigneron Double Bass Bow

Considered one of the finest makers of double bass bows, Andre Vigneron studied bow making with his father Joseph Vigneron in Paris. This bow has Vigneron’s traditional elliptical stick made from fine reddish-brown pernambuco, which is original in all its major parts. The ebony frog is mounted with this maker’s characteristic single eye and ebony-silver button. It appears that Vigneron often cut two bows from the same plank, and we are pleased to know this bow’s twin. This bow weighs 133 grams and measures 68 cm including the button. It is offered in excellent condition.

Percival Bryant Double Bass Bow

This fine example of Percival Bryant’s work has a round stick in finely quartered pernambuco with his traditional Dodd-style frog in ebony and silver. The condition is excellent with playability to match. Since the 1940s, Bryant bows have been the mainstay of all British players and still are much appreciated around the world. This bow weighs 140 grams and measures 69.9cm including the button. Stamped ‘P.W. BRYANT’.

Bernard Ouchard Double Bass Bow

Considered to be the last of the classic French masters, Bernard Ouchard studied under his father Emile A. Ouchard before embarking on an illustrious career with Pierre Vidoudez in Geneva. His double bows are sought after by top bassists around the world, and for good reason. Like most of his bows, this example has an octagonal stick made from the finest materials and the frog is silver mounted with a Parisian eye and plain button. This bow weighs 131 grams and measures 69.4cm including the button. Stamped ‘VIDOUDEZ, GENEVE’ both sides of the stick.

Louis Gillet Double Bass Bow

This stunning double bass bow was made by Louis Gillet for the Dupuy shop in Paris around 1948. It is silver mounted and features a finely-worked lightly-figured stick. The Parisian eye is complimented by a beautiful mother of pearl inlaidbutton. The bow weighs 124 grams and measures 67.6cm excluding the button and 69.9cm including the button.

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