Fine Double Bass Bows

Fine examples of double bass bows are increasingly sought after. The international market for double bass bows has never been stronger.

Nicolas Delaune Double Bass Bow

This quality double bass bow was produced in Mirecourt, France in the style of Bernhard Ouchard around 1975. It is nickel mounted with a plain eye and the stick is of fine pernambuco. The bow weighs 134 grams and measures 66.4cm excluding the button and 69.5cm including the button.

Roger Lotte Double Bass Bow

Made around 1960 this is a well made example of the double bass bows produced by Roger Lotte in Mirecourt. The nickel mounted frog caries a Parisian eye and the stick is well crafted from fine quality pernambuco. The bow weighs 138 grams and measures 68.4cm excluding the button and 70.8cm including the button.

Brian Tunnicliffe Double Bass Bow

This Brian Tunnifliffe double bass bow was produced around 1990 and is a fine example of this makers work. Although this he usually works in the style of Sartory this silver mounted example was made in the style of Vigneron with an elliptical stick. The bow weighs 137 grams and measures 67.6cm excluding the button and 70.2cm including the button.

Victor Fetique Double Bass Bow

This fine silver mounted double bass bow stamped J Tournier Paris is an excellent example of Victor Fetique's work and is accompanied by a Raffin certificate. The bow weighs 129 grams and measures 64cm excluding the button and 66.4cm including the button.

Morizot Fréres Double Bass Bow

Crafted for the the Parisian dealer Paul Bisch and stamped P BISCH PARIS this excellent double bass bow was made by Morizot Freres in Mirecourt, France. The octagonal stick is made from excellent quality pernambuco being finished with a solid silver tip and the frog is silver mounted with a Parisian eye. The bow weights 139 grams and measures 66cm excluding the button and 68.2cm including the button.

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