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Fine Double Bass Bows

Fine examples of double bass bows are increasingly sought after. The international market for double bass bows has never been stronger.

Old Double Bass Bows

If you are looking for something top class to help you perform at your best then there is a select range of double bass bows available. We ensure that buying a bow from us represents a solid investment in a valuable asset that appreciates over time. All bows are supplied with a valuation and a certificate of authenticity.

J E Vickers Double Bass Bow

An excellent example of J E Vickers work made in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire c.1970.

Franz Sandner Double Bass Bow

This well made German pattern double bass bow dates from c.1940.

Ouchard Workshop Double Bass Bow

This handsome double bass bow was made c.1960 in Mirecourt.

Paesold Double Bass Bow

A good German double bass bow produced in the Paesold factory c.1980.

Lothar Seifert Double Bass Bow

This excellent Lothar Seifert double bass bow was made in Bubenreuth, Germany c.1970.

Percival Bryant Double Bass Bow

This fine example of Bryant’s work has a round stick in finely quartered pernambuco.

Bernard Ouchard Double Bass Bow

Considered to be the last of the classic French masters, his double bows are highly sought after.