Fine Double Bass Bows

Fine examples of double bass bows are increasingly sought after. The international market for double bass bows has never been stronger.

Louis Morizot double bass bow

Louis Morizot (1874-1957) was born near Mirecourt, France. Often called Morizot Pere, he helped many bow makers in Mirecourt and left a great legacy. He apprenticed in the workshop of the great Eugene Cuniot Hury later working in the shop of Charles Bazin. 1914 saw him working for Eugene Sartory who was a major influence. Morizot established his own shop in 1919. He was subsequently joined by his 5 sons who succeeded him in 1937. Morizot trained Bernard Millant.

This example is unbranded. The beautifully made round stick in Brazilette is 67.7cm in length and weighs 128 grams. The nickel-mounted ebony frog has a plain eye. The bow is in excellent condition.

Marcel Lapierre double bass bow

Marcel Lapierre (1907-1979) was a fine Mirecourt bow maker and we are happy to have a good example here.Lapierre trained in the workshop of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy (their Paris outlet is long closed but their London shop is still operating!). He worked in the shops of the famous Mirecourt makers Bazin and Morizot. In 1946 he moved to Switzerland where he was employed by the well-known violin house of Pierre Vidoudez returning home to establish his own shop in 1948. Lapierre bass bows are very highly regarded and sought after.

This example is in the finest Pernambuco and is mounted in ebony and nickel silver. Length of stick is 70cm and the weight is 132 gr. A brand is barely visable. A real player’s bow.

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