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First Class Reputation

We have had the honour of supplying many wonderful double basses, both old and new, to clients all over the globe. Many of these clients remain in regular contact with us, and we enjoy hearing about the journey their instrument has taken them on.

What Our Clients Say About Us

High Profile Placements

Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers have partnered many great artists with the right double bass and bow to help them perform at their very best. Playing at the top level is demanding and we are pleased to know that our clients enjoy the instruments we source for them. The greatest reward from those with whom we have worked is the positive feedback we receive and continued contact we enjoy. Many recommend us to their friends and colleagues as the premier source of the finest double basses and bows.

Martin Double Bass Clients

Every order we receive to build an instrument is special to us. It is satisfying to know that our clientele feel as much of a connection to their double basses as we do while we make them. We regularly receive updates from the musicians who are enjoying their instrument’s development and the musical journey it is taking them on. We take great pride in watching the family of Martin double bass owners grow as we continue to make classic English double basses in our workshop.