Old Double Basses For Sale

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Notable Double Bass Sales

Explore the beautiful old instruments which have passed through our shop.

A Selection Of Quality Double Basses For Sale

Many of the world’s finest double basses have been sourced and sold by Thomas and George Martin. We have excellent trial facilities at our North Oxfordshire premises, easily accessible from all major UK airports and railway stations. There is a 16th-century guest house less than a mile away and we will happily help with travel arrangements to make your journey straightforward. All instruments are supplied with our certificate of authenticity.

Coming Soon

Our double basses currently under restoration or due to be coming onto the market in the near future.

German Double Bass

A fine German double bass currently under restoration in our workshop.

Currently In Stock

Our double basses currently available for trial, not including any instruments offered privately.


Hermann Dolling Jnr (II) Double Bass

An excellent German double bass with five strings, made in Markneukirchen around 1895.


Pietro Trimboli Double Bass

A comfortably sized, well-made modern Italian double bass with five strings.



William Booth I & II Double Bass

A top-quality English double bass with five strings - the dream partner for orchestral playing.


Carlo Giuseppe Arienti Double Bass

A big sounding and characterful Milanese double bass made at the start of the Nineteenth Century.


Northern English Double Bass

This handsome instrument was made in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Giovanni Dodi Double Bass

A beautiful Italian guitar-model double bass made around 1860.


Pietro Antonio Testore Double Bass

A top-class Milanese double bass from the third generation of the Testore dynasty.


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Giacomo Rivolta Double Bass

A top-class Italian double bass made in Milan by this sought-after maker.


Bernhard Simon Fendt II Double Bass

A rare opportunity to own an excellent near-perfect example of Bernhard Simon Fendt II's Maggini model.

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Pierre Luigi Galetti Double Bass

This very fine small double bass was made in Cremona in 1987.

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James Cole Double Bass

Made by one of Manchester's best double bass makers, we are excited to offer this instrument.


Neuner & Hornsteiner Double Bass

A classic Mittenwald double bass produced by the famous firm Neuner & Hornsteiner.


Double Bass Modelled After Busan

A good contemporary double bass modeled in the style of Domenico Busan.

Hawkes & Son Concert Double Bass

An excellent example of the double basses produced by Hawkes & Son.

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Gabriel Jacquet Double Bass

A fine example of the double basses made by Gabriel Jacquet in the French town of Mirecourt.

Ex Simandl Double Bass

We are pleased to offer this unique solo instrument, former property of the legendary Franz Simandl.

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Gand & Bernardel Fres Double Bass

There is no introduction needed for this beautiful instrument.

Mirecourt Double Bass

This lovely instrument is in near-mint condition and features a lovely rich, deep red-brown varnish.

Thibourville Lamy Double Bass

A French double bass made for Jêrome Thibourville Lamy, Paris and London, by the Buthod workshop.

Peter Wamsley Double Bass

This handsome early English double bass was made in London around 1730.