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  • Martin 3/4 Full Front
  • Martin 3/4 Front
  • Martin 3/4 Back
  • Martin 3/4 Side 2
  • Martin 3/4 Side 1
  • Martin 3/4 Scroll Left
  • Martin 3/4 Scroll Front Angle
  • Martin 3/4 Scroll Front
  • Martin 3/4 Scroll Right Side
  • Martin 3/4 Scroll Back Angle
  • Martin 3/4 Scroll Back
  • Martin 3/4 Sound Hole Left
  • Martin 3/4 Sound Hole Right

Martin 3/4 Double Bass

This instrument is based on our Martin 4/4 model, though the whole outline has been reduced from the original, resulting in a 2.5cm shorter string length. Being slightly smaller, this model is hugely playable but still retains the classic London Brescian styling. It is a great all-round double bass. Thomas Martin still enjoys playing his ¾ model to this day.

String Length:
Length of Back:
Rib Depth:
Upper Bout:
Centre Bout
Lower Bout

The Martin 3/4 double bass is available in both four- and five-string versions. A specific string length and other special requests can easily be accommodated. If you want any further information or would like to place an order, please do get in touch.